Thanks for dropping by. I hope that it will not waste your time, but in case it does, at least I tried. My name is D. K. Bhargav Achary. Most just call me “Bhargav”. I am originally from Berhampur, a small city, a business hub, in the southern part of Odisha, which is in the southern east of India. Being a Telugu by birth, an Odia by identity and an Indian by citizenship, I get a life with really cool dynamics.

To a great extent, I live the life of a computer enthusiast roamer, but I also do enjoy cricket, badminton, bicycling, music, gaming, traveling and a lot more. Do follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and like my Facebook page for all my updates.

This personal website is an attempt to express my views, suggestions and experiences to an open audience and interact with them. Feel free to post your opinions, feedback and comments via disqus. I would love to learn from you.