Hey, its Billions in Change!

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Hi, my dear wonderful reader! I am once again up with a new post in quick time. And, would make it small and precise. Thanks to the suggestion from one of the coolest persons, I have ever met, Amrit Kamal, I am writing this post! Thank you so much dude, for letting me experince this wonderful film and know about these super cool people and their super cool efforts. I am completely thrilled and moved. Let us make this video reach as many as it can.

Time and again, when I talk to people, I say that we will be saved! Humanity is still there alive, to do it! We will not disappear like the dinosaurs did! We would prosper and we would make it really big, we would have the heaven back on earth! And when I say this, people do reply me, and I quote them here. “It is great that you are so optimistic, but do tell us how would that happen?” I just say that the answer to all our problems is “Technology and Innovation!”. When I say “Technology is the only savior, and innovation is the sword!”, people do respond being completely surprised, but some do admit that it might be very true and some still differ on this! But, this time I am here with a proof of the same, and yeah the heaven will be back on earth, soon… very soon!!! Probably, this is why I have always loved “Technology!”, and lived with and in it.

This video film is about bringing some changes (rather making some inventions and innovations), and each change is probably worth of billions. The film “Billions in Change” talks about significantly advanced, yet simple, sustainable and afforable solutions to the issues that this world is fighting with!!!

Do watch this film to realize it! And, see how magical can we(people) go, if we intend to go!!! Thanks a lot to this wonderful person, Manoj Bhargava and his team!!! A big salute!!! And, for a few of those who do, “NO AGGRAVATION” please!!!

Thank you for reading all these, but please do watch the film if you have not yet! Every second of it is worth billions!

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