A Deserving Recap

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This post is more of an abstract recap of the last couple of years. Many of my friends and close people know the year 2014, was not quite mine. There were too many issues with my interests, the conflicting results and probably I needed a little more strength to stand to my decisions. May be in the last few years, I had somehow been captured by a fear which I never had earlier, that was the fear of failure. But, by the end of 2014, I had decided to come over it, thanks to the motivations and comments by some of my mentors and best friends (includes Bhanu Bawa, Venky Anna, my Dad, Prabhakar, Bishnu, Rushi, Madhusmita and some more special people).

However, even after putting their views up, they still asked me on my gut feeling to take the decision, whether to stick to a job that I already had (a decent one, like many of my friends’) or take a rough route and pursue my interest. May be then, in the heat of the moment itself, I passed their test and decided to quit the job (a job, that once used to be my dream job, when I knew almost nothing of the reality… yeah, shit happens.. :p ).

Then there came this concept of perseverance of following the heart solely, and in parallel utilizing the brain decently well. There were many distractions moving in here and there, and like most I too got into such distractions a couple of times. The only thing that brought me back was my passion I had towards this wonderful goal. By the end of 2014, the platform had been rebuilt, and lots of scrape had been dusted. And finally in the early 2015, I went through the “Agniparikshya”, which I partially succeeded while also getting partially failed. Succeeded by doing better than any of the previous attempts, and many of the competitors, but failed from keeping to my target(s). This failure posed in as a threat of not letting me into any of my desirable destinations. Reaching a destination was next to impossible, if not impossible. But, I knew one thing, that I have to just do it. I knocked almost at all the possible doors. And, one door was awaiting possibly just to let me in. And, the moment I knocked at it, I got a feeling for it. “Oh yes, this is my dreamland!”, I just reassured myself. And, eventually after a few more knocks; the destination gracefully opened up for me. I entered into this dreamland, lived a life that I had never imagined, tried fighting with some devils, made some great buddies, tried upping my levels, and learnt quite some stuff meanwhile.

The two years which started off with almost nothing and are about to end at almost everything, have passed on quite like a cosine wave, a negative halfcycle followed with a positive halfcycle. And, now I want to make this cosine wave flip upside-down, and get a new sine wave for the time being, till it reaches its negative part. I hope I just succeed. (Please bear me for this wave thing, I just love it… :P)

Thanks for the patiently reading. I know I have gone a lot abstract this time and by this the people who are closely in touch with me would get what exactly I mean and which events and their consequences I refer, and those who are not, would still definitely get what exactly I wanted to convey here, but without the cluttered extra info. But, still for clarity, the lesson for me is…

“Stick to the calls you make, when the heart is with you. The destiny will make you realise, this is exactly like it is supposed to be.”

Let me end this post with a small note! Yeah, I wanted to write more and post more, but been busy at several stuff lately. I promise, in the year 2016, I will be more into spending some good amount of time at blogging.

Happy New Year!!!

I wish you all a great year ahead, a year of laughter, success, fun, thrill and so on…!

Hasta la vista..! :)

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